Tweaking some of my watercolour paintings

I don't know if it's just me or that this happens to other artists too but sometimes, I've completed a painting and then for days or weeks afterwards something keeps bothering me about it.  One day it will suddenly dawn on me what the problem is.  This happened to me recently with two paintings I've had up for sale at Miss Ann Art.

This is the first one:

Something has always bothered me about her eye.  When I looked up close it didn't look right.  It wasn't the sort of look that I wanted her to have.  She seemed cold and uncaring. 

So yesterday I redid her eye and now it looks like this:


I'm not sure how much an improvement it has made to the overall painting but all I know is that I'm much happier with this piece of work now that I've made that change.  Her eye is now a deeper, richer colour.  She looks like she's a warmer, more human person and this is what I wanted.  So the changed version is now up on etsy here.

The other painting that has been bothering me is this one:

I like the apple itself but it's occurred to me that there might be too much white space around it.  The shadow indicates that the apple is indeed sitting on some kind of surface but where is the surface?  The apple just seemed to be floating to me.  So I decided to anchor it with a visible surface but I worry that I've gone too overboard with my heavy handed self!  Here is the new version:

I'm happier with it purely because it's not floating anymore but again I don't really know if I've spoiled it in my attempt to fix it.  I had a scary moment when I was getting so carried away with painting the wooden table and the shadow that it looked like the table was the focal point of the painting rather than the apple!  So I had to tweak the apple too and make the colours on it more vibrant.  Hopefully I've made an improvement to it but at the end of the day I am happier with this piece of work now and I've sent it out into the universe to see what happens.  This updated version is available in my shop here.

So this has been one of the latest adventures in this artist's life as I strive to keep learning and honing my craft.  One thing I have learnt from this particular adventure is that I need to think more about the composition of my paintings and practise what actually constitutes good composition.  Wish me luck!