Painting of Blue Baby Shoes

I've recently joined a group on Indiepublic called The Monthly Indiepublic Theme Club and it's really buzzing with activity at the moment.  It's very new but new members are joining daily and we already have a theme for the month of October called The Blue Hues of Indiepublic.  What I like about this group is that the group creator Zayunu is very active and I also like the fact that there are members who are involved in lots of different arts and crafts so I predict that the monthly theme submissions should be quite varied.

This is my submission for October and I really enjoyed the freedom of creating for the sake of just creating art without pressuring myself to create something worthy of putting up for sale at Miss Ann Art.  Not that I don't enjoy creating for my shop but it was nice not having that editor at the back of my head reminding me that I need to fill my shop with quality work.  For a piece of art that I created without much expectation of perfection, I'm quite pleased with it: