Took the plunge with Etsy

I did it.  I took the plunge and followed the masses and opened my own Etsy shop called Miss Ann Art. I would love any helpful comments and critiques from anyone who can generously take the time to step in the front door and have a look around.

I must admit that I did open an Etsy shop before but even though I received good advice and encouragement from the other sellers on etsy, I chickened out and delisted the one painting I had on there.  I even recently opened a shop on Folksy, (which is like a British version of Etsy but still in beta stage) thinking that I would not feel so overwhelmed there and that it would be a good place to start.  I also started researching dedicated art sites for sellers.

But in the end I made an executive decision to go back to Etsy because I love the atmosphere there so much better and relish being surrounded by all types of creativepeople who are genuinely interested in helping their fellow artisans.  Plus Etsy has more features, more support and much more traffic. 

Wish me luck everyone!