EDM 2- Draw a Desk Lamp or Other Lamp

Here is my Everyday Matters Challenge 2. 

The drawing on the left seemed a bit too top heavy for me which I attributed to the fact that I started drawing it from the top.  So I created the quick sketch on the right, starting from the bottom in order to compare.  What I realised is that the lamp IS actually a little bit top heavy depending on the angle I'm working from.  With the first drawing the lamp was on the table right in front of me and I was kind of looking down on it, but with the second one it was a bit further away.  It also leans a bit to the side, which I can see even now as I look at it sitting on a table a few feet away from me.  Basically it is a wonky old lamp!  This was good practice and a great exercise in observation, perspective and proportion.
EDM2Lamp.jpg       EDM2Lampsketch.jpg