EDM 1 - Draw a Shoe

Here is my first drawing for the Everyday Matters Weekly Drawing Challenge

I think I will eventually recreate this using watercolours because it will be great practise to try and capture the vibrant red colour of my shoes.  Now, a lot of people decided to draw a pair of shoes for this challenge but since the challenge stated to just draw a shoe, that's what I did.  Maybe for the watercolour version I'll use the pair.  I also decided to start from the first challenge even though the weekly challenge is currently at No. 159 - Draw a favourite cooking tool and it may take me years to catch up.  There are some others who decided to just start with any challenge they liked and that's cool but I do like to start at the beginning of things myself, like reading the first book of a trilogy or series of books.  (Oh god what does that mean?).