100 Gouache faces

In January 2022, I decided to follow along with a fellow artist Danielle Mack, who had started a 100 faces in 2022 art challenge on her Instagram account.  I just love her expressive portraits with all those gorgeous visible brushstrokes.

Knowing that I don't usually finish these instagram challenges, I decided that this time I would give myself a focus to keep me engaged and increase the likelihood that I would go far enough into the project that I learn some new things and be able to document them.

This new approach did not work out as the year became busier and busier and as I feared, I ended up not getting anywhere near completing the project by the end of 2022.  

So now it's just going to be an ongoing project that I will add to as time goes on.  I think I'll still aim to do 100, but with no time limit.

My focus will be to get more familiar with my set of gouache paints from Winsor & Newton.  I've used them before in a limited capacity, usually within watercolour paintings, but I wanted to give them some special attention for this project.

See the portraits I've completed so far below.